Azure makes WordPress Easy

Want your own wordpress site for less than $10 a month and setup and running in 15 minuets? Azure makes this easy with these steps.

1. Create an azure account and subscription

Head over to and sign up, easiest way to get going is to add a new pay as you go subscription and i choose to have the no support option. Choose susbscriptions in the left had nav and click the add button at the top:

Then you will be prompted with the create a subscription screen, from there choose pay as you go and fill out the required billing/personal information:


Majority of the items in azure you only pay for if they are running, there are a few things you cannot stop but this makes it really easy to try things out and not spend a ton of money.


2. Now that you have a subscription lets get to the fun stuff

Create a new reasource by clicking the +new button on the top left, search for wordpress. You can choose to do WordPress on windows or linux, just note the shared and free hosting options are not available on linux (at least at the time of writing this). For most normal wordpress sites you wont even notice the difference in using the windows hosting option give it a shot.

On the create screen you will need to choose your new pay as you go subscription. Then you need to create a resource group, i create a generic resource group and put each of my assets in that one group. For database you have a few options i used the mysql in app to avoid additional cost, but if you would like to run a standalone database to get better control/scalability go for it. By choosing mysql in app it makes the wordpress setup easier as well.

Next you need to add an app service, this is where the cost comes in. Right now on a windows host you can choose shared hosting for less than $10 a month, if you need more storage and horse-power or less choose on your own. You also will be choosing the location of your service, this is important you want to choose a location geo-located close to your user base for performance (more things on how to add performance later). It is also worth noting that not all functionality exists in every azure datacenter, for example at the time of this article the standalone azure mysql option is not available everywhere. You do not want your app service and other items in different data-centers your site will be slow.

Hit the create button and your off to the races, you will get a notification at the top left when it finishes.

Thats it your wordpress site is ready to be configured, go to your app services on the left hand side, from there you will see the app you created, open it up on the overview tab you will see the url to your site on the top right, visit that and configure your wordpress site (security and setup guide coming later).

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